Taylor Miller

Comedian, Writer, Actress

Here's some favorite videos. For More see: http://justalittlesketch.com/.

Title: Held Hostage

Involvement: Writer, Actor, Producer

Description: Four Girls and one Boy react to a bug in their apartment.

Title: Get Out!

Involvement: Actor, Writer, Producer Editor

Description: Sometimes you really need someone to get out. 

Title: Always Watching

Involvement: Actress, Producer, Editor

Description: Ever feel like your advertisements are too personal?

Title: The Interrogation

Involvment: Writer, Actress, Director, Producer, Editor

Description: The tale of a mime who struggles to keep her vow of Silence

Title: Man! Couch! Football!

Involvement: Writer, Actress, Producer, Editor

Description: When you're just trying to watch a football game

Title: Elderly Oasis

Involvement: Writer, Actress, Producer, Editor 

Description: When you're really old but still keep the heat...